First Training for 2019 Completed


2019 Training Commences on Tuesday 15 January

Training for 2019 commences on Tuesday 15 January.  The training venue, days and times are the same as for 2016.  Tuesday and Thursday 7-9pm, and Saturday 1-3pm.  As always we are training in the Dance Room of the Recreation Centre, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington.


Atsushi Ikematsu, 11 December 2018

Former Rembuden Kendo Club member Atsushi ikematsu returned to NZ for a short visit.  Everyone is a little older, Atsushi has grown taller too.


19th Rembuden Kendo Taikai, 6&7 October 2018

19th Rembuden Kendo Taikai 2018. Results were as follows:

1st Junior: Isshin Nakao (MKK)
2nd Junior: Max Lee (RKC)
=3rd Junior: Karin Nakazono (RKC), Yuki Nakazono (RKC)

1st Women Kyu: Liang Cui (RKC)
2nd Women Kyu: Karin Nakazono (RKC)

1st Women Dan: Kumi Black (RKC)
2nd Women Dan: Mel Carr (RKC)
3rd Women Dan: Hang Le (RKC)

1st Mens Kyu Atom Ashley (RKC)
2nd Mens Kyu Chris Ashley (RKC)
=3rd Mens Kyu Max Lee (RKC), Isshin Nakao (MKK)

1st Junior Dan: Yuma Tamaki (CKC)
2nd Junior Dan: Natsuki Hasegawa (RKC)
=3rd Junior Dan: Atom Ashley (RKC), Frank Schatz (YSK)

1st Senior Dan: Facundo Arregui (YSK)
2nd Senior Dan: Masaki Nakazono (RKC)
=3rd Senior Dan: Chris Cliff (RKC), Akira Nakamura (DMK)

1st Veteran: Masaki Nakazono (RKC)
2nd Veteran: Martin Lee (RKC)

1st Team Yoshinkan A: Anteni Schalken, Patrick Sharp, Facundo Arregui
2nd Team Daehan Mudo Kwan A: Isshin Nakao, Akira Nakamura
3rd Team Canterbury A: Yuma Tamaki, Blake Bennett



Haruko back from the 17th World Kendo Champs 2018

Haruko with the Fighting Spirit Award she was presented with at the 17th World Kendo Champs.  A great achievement - congratulations Haruko!