The World Kendo Championships (WKC) is organized by the International Kendo Federation (FIK) and is the largest international kendo competition in the world. The first WKC was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1970 and is held every three years among the member nations and regions of the FIK. The WKC began with only the Men’s Team and Men’s Individual events, but in 1997 the Women’s Team and Women’s Individual events started. The 17th WKC will be held in Incheon, Korea from September 14–16, 2018.  Past results can be found here.

Rembuden Kendo Club members who have represented New Zealand at the World Championships include:

  • 1997 Japan: Gerard Egerton (Fighting Spirit award), Richard Tremain, Loreena Bradley
  • 2000 USA: Gerard Egerton, Martin Lee, Loreena Bradley, Julia White, Neil Lee (Manager)
  • 2003 Scotland: Sachiyo Lee (Fighting Spirit award), Julia White, Loreena Bradley, Marianna Leung, Gerard Egerton, Martin Lee
  • 2006 Taiwan: Sachiyo Lee (Womens Captain & Coach), Martin Lee (Manager), Sarah Foster, Jenny Choi, Cyntheia Lim
  • 2009 Brazil: Rob Challies, Walter McCahon, Jungkwon Lee, Martin Lee (Coach)
  • 2012 Italy: Rob Challies (Fighting Spirit award), Walter McCahon (based in Europe)
  • 2015 Japan: Walter McCahon (based in Europe)
  • 2018 Korea: Haruko Tsuzuki (Fighting Spirit award), Walter McCahon (based in Europe)

Only five New Zealanders have gained Fighting Spirit Awards at the World Kendo Championships, 4 are Rembuden Kendo Club members: Gerard Egerton, Sachiyo Lee, Rob Challies and Haruko Tsuzuki.