Who Can Join?

All members of the public are welcome to join, whether students or non students.  We welcome all people whether experienced or complete beginners to Kendo.  

How Can I Join?

We usually ask those new to Kendo to observe one training so you can see what we do, ask some questions and decide if you want to give Kendo a try.  Following this if you are still interested we would allow you to train with the club for a few sessions, without cost or obligation.  Following these sessions, having had some experience of Kendo, we would ask you to decide whether you wish to join the club.

What Does it Cost to Join?

Membership costs are as follows:

  • Students $250 per annum
  • Non Students $300 per annum

 What Equipment do I Need and What are the Costs?

Most immediately you will need a bamboo sword (approx cost $70)

Initially you can train in comfortable clothes suitable for physical activity.  The uniform (Kendo-gi and Hakama) can be purchased once you have decided to become a member (approx cost $160)

The armour (bogu) is not necessary until after 4-6 months of training.  (approx cost $800).  While this is a large initial lump sum cost, it should be noted that Kendo armour lasts for several years.

What Attributes Are Required to Be Successful in Kendo?

Kendo suits people of all ages and gender.  Attributes key to success in Kendo include: patience and perseverance, desire for challenge, self discipline, strong work ethic, team player and courage.

The Rembuden Kendo Club has members and instructors that have both represented and coached NZ at the World Kendo Championships.  They will assist you to realise your potential.